Ubber White sneakers are created by artists. In a format which many might judge as unusual, the creative process is absolutely free, without any rules or limitations imposed by the brand.

Each item is hand-painted and signed by the author him/herself.

As a final touch, an identifying detail of the brand, a black and white flower made by a portuguese craftswoman.

Art, fashion, national pride, tradition and innovation mixed up, resulting in the brand Ubber White.

Each project is original and each pattern matches with a unique size.

Made in Portugal, our sneakers are composed by a vamp in 100% fabric, rubber sole and removable cork insole. Not only are they original, but also comfortable. It’s because of all this that Ubber White sneakers are so special.

You are special too. Dare!






At Ubber White art is our motto, each artist with such diverse
inspiration, traces, interpretations, areas and styles as creativity allows having.

We embrace an inspiring universe, made by national and foreign artists, from those who need no introductions,
to those new talents that stand most out… It’s the artists who make us what we are.