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Fernando Pessoa Soul Eyes

Original Version

Inspired in the poem “O Quinto Império” (The 5th Empire) by Fernando Pessoa, this is the original version of the Fernando Pessoa Soul Eyes sneakers.

“May the blind forces be tamed by the vision that the soul has”, by Fernando Pessoa, in “O Quinto Império”.

A collection signed by Filomena Neves. Each sneaker is designed and hand painted by the artist, ensuring it exclusivity and unique features.

Made in Portugal, Ubber White sneakers are composed by vamp in 100% fabric, rubber sole and removable cork insole with a cork layer.


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The Ubber White sneakers are the result of a very specific work of each artist, and each pattern is unique to a single size.

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Product Description


Inspired in the work of Fernando Pessoa, with the interpretation of several poems.

Pessoa, because he is one of the most emblemátic Portuguese contemporary writers with whom I identify myself very much, not only for what he wrote, but also for his personality.

The esoteric side of the writer is always so present in his work and in his life that it seemed interesting to approach it from this angle which is enigmatic, paradoxical angle and that was fomented by him as the most difficult and perfect way of transmutation of his own personality.

To bring this magical view to the artistic creation is not only challenging, but also liberating…

A project signed by Filomena Neves.


Additional Information

Weight 2 kg


Made in Portugal


Upper 100% cotton


100% rubber


Natural cork - Removable


INOX - laser engraving




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