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Sneakers are a must have of the season.

Whatever your style is, wherever you go, dare to switch your shoes to sneakers. They modernize, they add style and revolutionize the way of using basics.

A fashion trend that started on the Haute Couture week in Paris last year has come for good.

White, black, colorful, in cloth or leather are many of the available options and the possible combinations with what you wear.  

There are no shoes that are more comfortable and in Summer the challenge is to match them with the freshness of the skirts and dresses, in urban looks, full of personality, very fashionable, and… comfortable!

The sneakers match with all kinds of skirts and dresses, from the more classical style, to the more daring, give a super trendy to your look.

Neutral colors, like black and white are the easier to match, but color, patterns and the models and original patterns in handmade models and custom made allow you to create cool looks, where the sneakers assume a leading role.   

When you get immersed in the enchanted world of sneakers, you should consider some essential aspects:

White sneakers

Like clothes, white is essential, being a less risky option.

Regardless of the color or patterns of the clothes, white sneakers always look good.

Third piece

For an even cooler look, all it takes is a detail. A blouse tied around your waist, a light shirt on top, a cardigan on your shoulders or a vest give that special touch. On the warmest days it can be difficult, but the secret is to choose light and fresh pieces.

sneaker as third piece

Sporty sneakers

The sporty fashion has jumped from the gym to the streets and it is a presence in our everyday life, in creative and super comfortable looks. With a dress, they give a retro look to the visual, sending us back to the rapper fashion of the 90’s.

With jeans

Sneakers and a pair of jeans are the perfect combination.

sneakers with jeans

With a skirt

Sneakers can be combined with skirts from different models and lengths. Twirling, tight, short or even midi, “no way” does not exist. For example, skirts with tall or colorful sneakers result in casual and very feminine looks.

sneakers with skirt

With a dress

A bold combination for looks full of style and personality. From the tighter to the looser, sneakers allow a more casual touch to the dress. To the looser dresses you can add a tied shirt to define the waist. Perfect for warmer and relaxing days.  

sneakers with dresses

In conclusion, sneakers match with all styles, from classical to chic, from punk to girly. Everything is allowed, from white and black to the explosion of colors, different textures, snaps and shimmer, from the simplest models to the most unique and personalized models  with an artist’s signature. 

There are no rules when we’re talking about sneakers combined with skirts and dresses. It all depends on your personal taste. The most important is that in the end you feel beautiful and comfortable.

As you can see, sneakers match with almost everything.

The limit is your creativity.


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