We emerged from the will of doing something different, where art stands out in a special format that we can take with us everywhere. At Ubber White we think like artists, not like manufacturers. All interventions are carefully thought and created to be applied on shoes.


The style, the technique and the inspiration of each artist are respected. The freedom to create is absolute. For us there are no limits, no rules, preconceptions or taboos.
It's that creative freedom, and the diversity resulting from it, that makes everything we do special.
More than sneakers with art, Ubber White is pure art that can be used on feet.
And you, do you dare to make a difference?


She was born in Venezuela, but comes to Portugal when only a few months old.
Throughout her life path, she got involved in music, sports and civil engineering. She studied clarinet in the conservatory, she was a basketball federate athlete, prepares concrete structures and manages to be the manager of an aluminium frame firm.
Meanwhile, she thought about painting a pair of sneakers. An idea that gives rise to a brand. Currently she is 100% dedicated to the management and development of the project Ubber White.

She was born in Portugal, and when she was one year old she goes to live in Venezuela. There she starts her studies in Economics, but she realized very soon that this was not her path. She willingly dropped out university and assumed a family life.
Her love for art leads her to develop the technique of painting flowers and landscapes, by which she has a particular passion and which she does for pure pleasure. She was challenged to embrace the project Ubber White. She accepts it without hesitation.

She was born in New York. Crosses the Atlantic to live in Portugal. Since she was a child, she has dedicated herself to painting and drawing, experimenting techniques using spontaneous gestures. She paints what she feels, with no filters or chains.
Painting and drawing are the materialization of what she feels and that’s the only way she lives art. Nowadays, she is an Arts teacher and a tireless creative of the Ubber White family.